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Swiss Territorial Data Lab - STDL

The STDL aims to promote collective innovation around the Swiss territory and its digital copy. It mainly explores the possibilities provided by data science to improve official land registering.

A multidisciplinary team composed of cantonal, federal and academic partners is reinforced by engineers specialized in geographical data science to tackle the challenges around the management of territorial data-sets.

The developed STDL platform codes and documentation are published under open licenses to allow partners and Swiss territory management actors to leverage the developed technologies.

Exploratory Projects

Exploratory projects in the field of the Swiss territorial data are conducted at the demand of institutions or actors of the Swiss territory. The exploratory projects are conducted with the supervision of the principal in order to closely analyze the answers to the specifications along the project. The goal of exploratory project aims to provide proof-of-concept and expertise in the application of technologies to Swiss territorial data.

    Nils Hamel (UNIGE) - Huriel Reichel (swisstopo)
    Proposed by the Federal Statistical Office - TASK-REGBL

    The Swiss Federal Statistical Office is in charge of the national Register of of Buildings and Dwellings (RBD) which keep tracks of every existing building in Switzerland. Currently, the register is being completed with building in addition to regular dwellings to offer a reliable and official source of information. The completion of the register introduced issue dues to missing information and their difficulty to be collected. The construction years of the building is one missing information for large amount of register entries. The Statistical Office mandated the STDL to investigate on the possibility to use the Swiss National Maps to extract this missing information using an automated process. A research was conducted in this direction with the development of a proof-of-concept and a reliable methodology to assess the obtained results.

    Nils Hamel (UNIGE) - Huriel Reichel (swisstopo)
    Project scheduled in the STDL research roadmap - TASK-DTRK

    Being able to track modifications in the evolution of geographical datasets is one important aspect in territory management, as a large amount of information can be extracted out of differences models. Differences detection can also be a tool used to assess the evolution of a geographical model through time. In this research project, we apply differences detection on INTERLIS models of the official Swiss land registers in order to emphasize and follow its evolution and to demonstrate that change in reference frames can be detected and assessed.

Research Developments

Research developments are conducted aside of the research projects to provide a framework of tools and expertise around the Swiss territorial data and related technologies. The research developments are conducted according to the research plan established by the data scientists and validated by the steering committee.

    Nils Hamel (UNIGE)
    Project scheduled in the STDL research roadmap - TASK-DIFF

    Developed at EPFL with the collaboration of Cadastre Suisse to handle large scale geographical models of different nature, the STDL 4D platform offers a robust and efficient indexation methodology allowing to manage storage and access to large-scale models. In addition to spatial indexation, the platform also includes time as part of the indexation, allowing any area to be described by models in both spatial and temporal dimensions. In this development project, the notion of model temporal derivative is explored and proof-of-concepts are implemented in the platform. The goal is to demonstrate that, in addition to their formal content, models coming with different temporal versions can be derived along the time dimension to compute difference models. Such proof-of-concept is developed for both point cloud and vectorial models, demonstrating that the indexation formalism of the platform is able to ease considerably the computation of difference models. This research project demonstrates that the time dimension can be fully exploited in order to access the data it holds.

Steering Committee

The steering committee of the Swiss Territorial Data Lab is composed of Swiss Institutions bringing their expertise and competences to define the research strategy and to guide the conducted projects and developments.

Partners of the STDL and members of the steering committee

Proposing a Research Project

To propose a research project to the STDL, simply contact us using the following email address and by providing a first small description of the project, the possible data to be considered and initial expected specifications.

The STDL will contact you soon after a first overview of the proposed research project.